Attorney Adler has retired from the active practice of law. He is not taking clients.

Bankruptcy Is Financial Planning For Your Future

The Law Office of Donald H. Adler is a bankruptcy law firm. We assist individuals, professionals and businesses in finding solutions to their debt and tax problems and file for bankruptcy or reorganization in the Bankruptcy Courts in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Are You at Risk of Losing Your Money, Home, Retirement Account, Property or Business?

Filing Bankruptcy May Help You

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Learn about our firm's affordable fees and payment plans and how you can:

  • Get debt relief and eliminate overwhelming debt
  • Get tax relief and eliminate unpaid taxes
  • Stop foreclosures, repossessions, liens, levies, wage garnishments and lawsuits
  • Protect your money, retirement account, home, vehicles and other personal property
  • Keep your business operating

Bankruptcy Attorney

Attorney Adler works with financially troubled individuals, professionals, businesses and farmers to develop strategies that enable clients to successfully manage tax liabilities, secure debt relief and to restructure business operations. For over thirty-five years, he has helped his clients resolve crushing credit card debt, repossessions, foreclosures, attachments, seizure of assets, tax liabilities and liens, wage garnishments, medical debts, student loans, and a host of other devastating financial issues.

We provide optimum value to our clients by offering sophisticated, effective and reasonably priced bankruptcy services to solve your personal or business debt and tax liabilities. As a bankruptcy lawyer, Don Adler will work closely with you on solutions that are best for you or your business. He will give you the personal attention, information and options you need to manage and take control of your finances and life.

Smart Bankruptcy Solutions is located on the North Shore in Newburyport, Massachusetts, a short distance from Interstate Route 95, 495 and the New Hampshire border.

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