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As a bankruptcy lawyer, I have seen many clients who are under severe financial pressure who thought they were making all the right moves to avoid a financial meltdown. Only later did they realize that they made matters worse and were in a deeper hole than when their debt or tax woes began. How do you know what to do and when?

Bankruptcy is a major decision that you should not enter into without being fully informed and with professional guidance from an experienced bankruptcy lawyer. Bankruptcy is much more than just filling out some forms. Debt relief under the Bankruptcy Code is powerful and often complicated. Bankruptcy can offer tremendous relief when done the right way.

Smart Bankruptcy Solutions offers a free confidential bankruptcy consultation to Massachusetts and New Hampshire individuals, professionals and businesses. Bankruptcy Attorney Don Adler will meet with you to evaluate your financial condition and give you the information you need about debt relief, bankruptcy, tax relief, reorganization and other options. He will recommend concrete steps that you can take to eliminate your debts and taxes, and will give you an estimate of our legal fees and costs. You will have no obligation to retain us. Our goal is to help you become debt and tax free.

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