Choosing Your Bankruptcy Lawyer

Debt relief and bankruptcy is planning for you or your business' financial future and can be a complicated process. It is important to interview a bankruptcy lawyer before you retain him or her.

A bankruptcy attorney does much more than just fill out forms. It is not obvious what financial information is important or what the consequences of that information may be. Your bankruptcy forms may be correct but that does not solve your problem. There may be issues in your case that you didn't think about or were not told about.

Before you file for bankruptcy you must understand how to protect your money and property, what debts and taxes can be eliminated, and when and where to file for bankruptcy. Filing a bankruptcy case may not be the best option for you while other alternatives described in this Site might be.

Interview the Lawyer

You should use your first consultation with a bankruptcy attorney to talk about your financial condition, needs, priorities and goals. He or she should give you a general idea about your debt relief options and make initial recommendations. You should receive an estimate of the fees and costs you may incur for legal services.

Here Are Some Specific Questions We Suggest You Ask

  • How long have you practiced debt relief and bankruptcy law?
  • Do you practice only debt relief and bankruptcy law?
  • What is your expertise and experience with the type of case that I have?
  • Are there others ways to solve my financial hardship?
  • Who will work with me to prepare my bankruptcy case?
  • How often and in what way will you communicate with me about my case?
  • What are your procedures and what technology do you use to prepare my bankruptcy case?
  • How much will legal fees and costs be for your services?

Why You Should Choose Us

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We choose not to have a high volume practice. Attorney Adler handles every case personally. He responds to all telephone calls and emails from his clients in a timely manner. He serves every client's needs for a reasonable fee.

By using up-to-date technology in a secure environment, we protect your privacy and confidentiality. This allows our firm to be faster, more efficient and effective on your behalf.

We know that bankruptcy isn't the answer to every problem. We will never recommend that you file bankruptcy unless it's the right thing for you to do.

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